Unit 100 Atrium Offices - $550/month - 140 SF to 150 SF

2424 Studios has brand new small offices on the first floor!  These spaces are ideal for one to two person offices, and multiple units can be leased for larger teams.  They sit within the iconic center atrium space in Unit 100, with soaring 35+ foot timber ceilings, clear story skylights, and the original cranes from this former machining factory.  Each space will have individual heating and cooling, glass windows/doors to the corridor, skylights, and will be finished with high-end carpet tile and pendant lighting.  Additionally, the atrium will feature large trees, a kitchenette, and a conference room.

Note: The Landlords are seeking small businesses that will utilize the spaces for office use for 1 to 2 employees.  Uses will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The landlords are not currently accepting retail uses, uses involving in-person services such as aesthetics or medical type services, or that otherwise require frequent visitors or public access.

Units 100-D, O, F or Q:$550/month + U&O Tax, and internet (utilities are included), Approximately 140 to 150 SF

Units 100-A, B, C, E, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, P and R: LEASED

2424 Studios - Unit 100 Atrium Offices

Frankford Works Coming Soon! - Unit costs vary by size - 500 SF to 2,800 SF

2424’s sister building in Frankford is coming soon!  Frankford Works is currently being renovated and will be available for commercial office and creative leasing starting November 2021.  Currently leasing for spaces 500 – 2,800 SF.  There are also opportunities for much larger spaces in future phases.  All spaces will have features like exposed brick, large windows, timber ceilings, and great industrial details.

Units E/F, D1-B, D2-A, D2-E, D2-F, and D2-G: LEASED

Unit E3: $12/SF/Year + U&O Tax, utilities, and proportional share of operational expenses (estimated to be around $2.5/SF/Year), Approximately 2,800 SF – Entrance is through a small parking lot, with both garage and door entrances for direct loading and access.  Soaring clear-span space.

Unit D1-A: $1,250/month + U&O Tax, electric & internet, Approximately 1,100 SF

Unit D1-C: $1,100/month + U&O Tax, electric & internet, Approximately 848 SF

Unit D1-D: $1,000/month + U&O Tax, electric & internet, Approximately 800 SF

Unit D1-E: $1,500/month + U&O Tax, electric & internet, Approximately 946 SF – Direct access from Worth street.  Storefront and direct loading possibilities.

Unit D2-C: $680/month + U&O Tax, electric & internet, Approximately 517 SF – Second Floor (no elevator)

Unit D2-C: $760/month + U&O Tax, electric & internet, Approximately 586 SF – Second Floor (no elevator)

Unit D2-D: $810/month + U&O Tax, electric & internet, Approximately 620 SF – Second Floor (no elevator)

Learn more about Frankford Works here www.frankfordworks.com.

2424 Studios - Frankford Works Coming Soon!