What types of tenants are at 2424 Studios?

There is a huge variety of commercial tenants at 2424 Studios.  Some of the most frequent types of tenants are design, real estate and photography professionals.  There are also lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers and everything in between.  The first floor features some of the larger storefront tenants including a restaurant, climbing gym, doctors office, daycare and church.  The second and third floors feature many small to mid size businesses and professional services.

What building amenities are available?

The building amenities include:

  • Shared Meeting Rooms
  • Shared Kitchen
  • Mail facilities
  • Pet Friendly
  • Indoor Bike Storage
  • Freight Elevator
  • Loading Dock
  • Restrooms/Baby Changing Stations
  • Privacy Room
  • 24/7 Access
  • Secured Entry/Buzzer System
  • Onsite Maintenance
  • Onsite Management

Is there a wait list?

2424 Studios typically stays at full occupancy and there often is a wait list for units coming available, especially if you are looking for a specific type or size.  Should you be interested in learning about what is available or coming available, please email hannah@2424studios.com.  It is recommended to check in regularly, even once on the wait list, to stay fresh in our minds and because sometimes units come available unexpectedly.

What is the application process like?

Should you be interested in leasing at 2424 Studios, you will be required to fill out an online application.  The application covers business and financial information and includes documentation of either business or personal financial history and/or a credit check.  The application process may take a few days and all leases are first come first serve.

How long is a lease at 2424 Studios?

Leases are typically 1 year or more.  Larger spaces may require longer term leases.

Month-to-month or short term leases are not usually offered, though may be considered on a case by case basis.

Can I start with one unit and change to another?

Growing and shrinking is fairly common for small businesses and we hope to be able to accommodate businesses throughout their changes.  Many of our tenants have started in small units and gradually grew into larger spaces or vice versa.  The ability to change units will depend on many factors such as availability and time of year, but we try to work with tenants whenever possible.

What utilities and expenses are not Included in rent?

With a few exceptions, the only utility is electric.  There is no water or gas to most units.  All electric is submetered and billed to tenants directly based on usage.

In addition, all tenants are required to pay Use & Occupancy Tax to the City of Philadelphia.  U&O is a mandatory tax for all commercial leases in Philadelphia.

Lastly, most tenants will procure internet, phone, and/or TV services, though it is optional.  Tenants may procure these services directly from their choice of three providers in the building.

Is there an elevator at 2424 Studios?

There is a freight elevator but no passenger elevator.  Access to the 2nd and 3rd floors is primarily via the main stairwell.  The freight elevator can be used for transporting furniture and equipment and people may ride on it too, however, they will require assistance from an authorized user.    Should a tenant or visitor require use of the freight elevator, please contact management or maintenance.

Is there coworking space available for rent?

There are no shared desks or membership access outside of the leasible units.  All of the units are fully separated and lockable spaces.   All tenants have access to the shared amenities such as the conference room, kitchen and lounge spaces.

If you are interested in sharing space, contact us!  Sometimes existing tenants are looking for additional suite mates.

What kind of studios are offered at 2424 Studios?

2424 Studios offers commercial office space leases.  The name 2424 Studios may lead some to think of studio apartments or sound studios, however, neither are offered.  The units are 100% commercial office space, however the types of businesses here vary widely from creative to professional and everything in between.

Are there recording studios at 2424 Studios?

Recording and sound studios are not a currently allowed use for new tenants.

Are there apartments for rent at 2424 Studios?

No.  2424 Studios is 100% commercial space rentals.

Are there artist studios at 2424 Studios?

Yes and no – There are many artist tenants at 2424 Studios.  In fact, one of the most frequent types of tenants are photographers.  The tall ceilings, large windows and professional amenities lend to great studios for creative professionals.  However, most of the units (with some exceptions) do not have sinks or 220V power, which may be required for some fine-art uses.  Additionally, there are not slop sinks or spray booths available for use in the common spaces.  If you are an artist looking for space, feel free to reach out to see if 2424 Studios may be a good fit.

Opening in 2020, sister building Frankford Works will offer artist studio space and amenities for the creative community.  Contact us for more information!

Is there a sink in each unit?

Most of the units do not have a sink, though there are exceptions.  Some of the larger units have kitchenettes or bathrooms within.  There are common bathrooms on each floor and a shared kitchen available for use by all tenants.

Can I lease a space for an event or wedding?

No – There used to be an event space in the building, but there no longer is.  2424 Studios does not offer space for rent for events or weddings.

Can I rent a space by the hour or day for a meeting, conference or photo/video shoot?

There are not typically spaces made available for rent by the hour or day to the public.  However, should there be a vacancy or appropriate space, it can be considered on a case by case basis.  Contact us to learn about current availability.

All tenants of the building have access to the shared meeting spaces.